Historic spots


Stortorget, the Great Square, is Stockholm’s oldest square, located in Gamla stan.
Our street Köpmangatan ends or starts here (depending on which direction you arrive from).

Stortorget was from the beginning the central point around which the city grew. At Stortorget, from the 14th century until 1732, there was the city’s council house.

Stortorget was the site of Stockholm’s bloodbath in 1520, but it was also here that Sweden’s first pharmacy was opened by pharmacist Anthonius Busenius in 1575. In here you will today find the conceptual cocktail bar Pharmarium.

Stortorget’s Christmas market is arranged annually on Stortorget. Since 2001, the Nobel Museum has been located in the old Börshuset.

Read more: https://sv.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stortorget,_Stockholm